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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

List of SOA Suite versions and patch numbers

The page is http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/soa/soasuite/collateral/downloads.html is available on OTN describes the all the versions 10.1.3.x and 11gR1.

All the versions for SOA Suite, related patch numbers and those details are available on the page.

Take a tour of that page...

Monday, August 10, 2009

TNSListener not starting after re-installation of Oracle Database XE 10g

In certain cases we need to install the Database XE again. Specially when I am installing a new SOA Suite server. While uninstalling the XE, if any of your XE services are UP, your re-installation gives problem with TNSListener service startup.

you can do this,
1) Delete any of the following services if they exist in your Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
  • OracleServiceXE
  • OracleMTSRecoveryService
  • OracleXEClrAgent
  • OracleXETNSListener
To delete the service type "sc delete [service_name]" on your command prompt.

2) Go to Registry, and delete any reference to your XE database. You can search on the folder name where XE was installed, mostly "oraclexe" to get all the references.

Now, reboot your system and then install XE again. The installation should be fine now and TNSListener service should work properly.


Friday, July 24, 2009

FTP Adapter failed to archive the files

JDev n SOA Suite 10134.

The reason that FTP Adapter failes to archive the files may be absense of archive directory or lack of privileges to write in that directory.

In such cases,
1) Check the logs at domain.log
2) SOA Suite in case of failure of archiving to given directory, archives the file at SOA_HOME/j2ee/home/fileftp/defaultArchive/
3) the file name will be stored with a suffix of hostname_domain_processname_version_timestamp format.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Upgrade to SOA Suite 11g, will I go for that quickly?

Hiii there,

It has been an opportunity for me now to start writing again in my blog with SOA Suite 11g release.

I have already installed SOA Suite 11g successfully and created few processes on that, but that gave me a thought that why I should upgrade from to 11g quickly ?

I think it is not wise to make hurry and move to 11g platform. Few reasons for that may be,

  • Moving to 11g platform can require substantial change or upgrade to your current 10.1.3.x infrastructure.
  • It was certainly easy to migrate from 10.1.3 to to (many would have faced lot of isses mvoing to 10133) to, but 11g is a change of application server, and Java Container. JRockit(i.e. BEA's JDK) and weblogic server (server container) had certainly been the best available in the market in BEA era, and they must be understand well before we really go for upgrade. There are more logging options and more then that a lot more configuration files (a bunch of .xml) to be understood with weblogic server domains(like instance in SOA Suite).
  • Fusion Middleware 11g Platform can bring substantial benefits if understood properly and implemented in right direction. So, it is not suggestable that just in order to upgrade SOA Suite, we upgrade our production servers. FMW 11g platform can bring your web applications, integration components, portal and document control components together in unified Developer studio. A good upgrade policy can save lots of bucks but still gives organization a bunch of new dimensions to do the business. Like, today organizations wants to close their multiple E-Business Suite instances just to have one single unique E-Business 12 version(preferably on-demand) and get a new life in their business, similarly platform FMW 11g can add new life in the organization if implemented with thoughtful design.
  • We still can go for only SOA Suite Upgrade. But remember SOA Suite 11g has many new good features like composite application concept, Entity creation concepts in BPEL projects, Business Rules component as a part of your composite application project, send notification activity, Oralce ESB as new component Median. So, you may want to plan and upgarde your current SOA Suite processes with some exciting new features before you deploy them to your SOA Suite 11g production server.
How about having Devlopment SOA Suite 11g server in parallel to your current 1013 SOA Suite development server. That would be really a good idea as it will help to understand the new functionality easily and will give us a chance to test new version for stability, performance and deployment perspective.

If you want to upgrade, please remember that
  • Upgarde can be carried out on all the SOA Suite Release 10.1.3.x release.
  • For current SOA Suite 10.1.2, we first need to upgrade to 10.1.3 and then to upgrade to 11g.

More details on 11g Upgrade is available at OTN, find supported upgrade points here and find here the details how to upgrade.

Have a Happy Upgrade,